Air Duct Cleaning Near Me to Get Rid of Mold in Ductwork in Town ‘n’ Country, FL

Mold is a dangerous element in the home, and one of the worst places mold can be found is in the air ducts. Mold in the air duct system poses a much bigger problem than anywhere else. This is because each time the HVAC system runs a cycle, the mold is blown deeper through the air duct system and into every room inside the home. Today Express Air Duct Cleaning would like to share some of the common types of mold that has been found growing inside air duct systems and when you should seek emergency air duct cleaning services.

            Acremonium: This is a toxigenic mold that takes a rather long time to grow. Acremonium looks like a white powdery substance and it tends to grow in dark damp areas. Acremonium mold can lead to infections and illness. This mold can be prevented with routine air duct cleaning as it requires time to develop.

            Alternaria: This mold is often borne from plant material that has gotten sucked into the air duct system. Alternaria is a greenish or brown velvet-like mold. Alternaria is an allergen and can produce hay fever, hypersensitivity reactions, and asthma attacks. This is a rather common type of mold that needs to be removed once detected.

            Aspergillus: There are several hundred types of Aspergillus molds that can vary in form and color. They are most common seen as a white, green, or yellow color. If inhaled it can lead to infection and other illnesses. It can develop anywhere from outside to indoors and is commonly found in air duct systems.

            Stachybotrys: This is another rather common type of mold found inside homes and in the air ducts. Stachybotrys looks black and can spread very quickly. Long term exposure to this mold is considered to be very hazardous to human health. It is considered to be more toxic than other molds and needs to be removed quickly as soon as it is detected.

            Trichoderma: There are a number of molds that fall under the family of Trichoderma. One species in particular is more harmful to humans. This mold requires a constant moist environment in order to grow. However, with constant moisture it can grow rapidly and needs to be removed to prevent your home from becoming a hazardous zone. Trichoderma is a family type of mold which can vary in appearance which makes it hard to determine which mold is present.

            Ulocladium: Ulocladium is a rare type of mold that has been known to develop in air duct systems. This mold is powdery and black in appearance. This mold is hard to remove and often requires professional help. Ulocladium is also considered to be a dangerous type of mold that can cause a number of health conditions. Ulocladium is well known for causing hay fever and even skin conditions.

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This is a small list of molds that have been discovered growing in air ducts. When mold is detected you can consider it to be an emergency situation which requires emergency air duct cleaning services. When you discover mold in your air ducts and need quality air duct cleaning services, contact Express Air Duct Cleaning today.

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