How Do I Keep My Ductwork Clean After Air Duct Cleaning in Plant City, FL?

One of the best ways to keep dirt and dust under control in your home is to have your air ducts cleaned. It is a portion of the house that many people don’t give two second’s thoughts about. However, it can help to improve the indoor air quality in your home and provide a healthier environment for everyone in the house. Not only is it important to have your ducts professionally cleaned, but you also need to maintain them between cleanings as well. Express Air Duct Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you maintain your air ducts between professional cleaning.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Many people don’t understand how important it really is to change out your HVAC filters on a regular basis. This can improve your indoor air quality exponentially. It will help keep dirt and debris out of the air ducts as well. Most homes should be changing out their filters for clean ones every couple months. If you have a household that has a weakened immune system or suffers from severe allergies, you may want to do it more often. You may also want to consider using a higher quality filter in those cases as well.

Take Extra Steps When Cleaning Home

Before you start deep cleaning your home, it can help keep your air ducts clean to take a couple extra steps before you get going. All you need is a paper towel to keep the dirt and dust you stir up while cleaning out of the ducts in your home. Lift up the vent covers and simply set the paper towel on the vent and then place the cover back on there. This paper towel will capture all the dust in the air. It is a good idea to keep the fan on when you’re cleaning as well to keep the dust that does make its way into the vents moving and circulating out.

Clean Out Supply Registers

First, you will want to knock the dust free in the ducts by going down in the basement and tapping the ducts that are exposed. Once this is done, you can use the hose attachment on your vacuum to suck up the debris from inside your ducts. Put the hose down them as far as it will go.

Clean the Blower Compartment

You will want to turn off the power and fan to your furnace and take the panels off. You will use your vacuum to give it a good cleaning to help keep that dirt and debris from getting into your ductwork. You can use a toothbrush to clean areas that are hard to get to with your vacuum.

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