How Do I Know if My Air Ducts are Dirty & Need Cleaning in Gibsonton, FL?

Have you ever come home from a vacation and noticed that your home has a smell … and not a good smell? It could be because you need your air ducts cleaned. If you have dirty air ducts, unpleasant odors can start to develop. Express Air Duct Cleaning is a great resource to help you understand why these smells and other problems can come from dirty air ducts.

Mold in Vents is Harmful

Mold is disgusting on its own, but having it in your home is even worse. The problem lies when there is mold in your home and you don’t even know it exists. Mold can grow in your air ducts and even though you can’t see the mold, you probably smell a musty odor throughout the residence. If you are experiencing this it could be a tell-tale sign your air ducts are growing mold.

Need to Get Rid of Excessive Dust in House

Do you often feel like there is so much dust in your home? That even after the house has been cleaned, there seems to be a new layer of dust right away? It is likely because dust is blowing from your air ducts into the indoor air circulating throughout your home. Getting your air ducts cleaned will help eliminate the dust that is entering your home.

Rodents & Wild Animals in Ductwork

Rodents or other wildlife should be living in the wild, not your air ducts. But it can happen and when it does, it is not a pretty sight or smell. If you’ve had rodents or wildlife in your ductwork, these pests leave behind bacteria and diseases in their urine and droppings. Then when your air kicks on and the air starts blowing in your home, guess what is going right into your home. Yes, all of that bacteria and foul smells are entering your home. Clean out your air ducts and get rid of that bacteria and smell.

You Should Clean Air Ducts in New Construction & After Remodeling

Whether you build a new home, just bought a home, or did renovation to your home, you should get the air ducts cleaned out. Here is why. When you build a new home there is so much dust that builds up during the construction process. That dust can get into the air vents, then when the air turns on it can blow right back into your home. If you just bought a home that belonged to someone else, you will want to get all that dust and dirt that built up from the previous owners out of the system. You don’t know when air ducts were last cleaned, it could have been quite a while ago. This will give you some fresh air blowing into the home you just bought. Now if you have just undergone a major renovation, the process will also generate a lot of dust. Ensuring the air ducts remain clean can spare you a lot of problems in the future.

Rising Energy Costs from Dirty Ducts

If you have noticed that your energy bill keeps getting higher each month or if it is higher than it once was, it could be due to the HVAC system having to work harder because the air ducts need to be cleaned.

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Cleaning dirty air ducts is a simple fix if that is what is causing your home to smell, power bill to rise, or house continue to collect dust. Express Air Duct Cleaning is happy to come and clean your air ducts and make your home a little better. Call us today!

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