How Do You Fix an Obstructed Dryer Vent with Cleaning Services in Lake Magdalene, FL?

When the dryer vents become clogged, the dryer will struggle to dry the laundry. Often multiple drying cycles will be needed to finish a single load of laundry. This is when a homeowner will have the dryer vents cleaned. However, if you have recently cleaned out the dryer vent only to discover it is clogged within weeks or a few months, something is going wrong. A dryer vent will clog up when there is a problem with the lint trap or other parts of the internal system. Express Air Duct Cleaning will share the common reasons why a dryer vent will clog very quickly.

Lint Trap Clogged or Not Working

A lint trap will capture the majority of lint that comes from your laundry. However, some lint will still get passed the trap and over a long period of time, the dryer vent will eventually clog up and need to be cleaned out. However, it takes a long to clog up a dryer vent. If it happens within a few months, then you have a problem. Often the lint trap is not cleaned out in between loads and that may be why a lot of lint is getting clogged up in the vent. It is important to clean the trap after each load. In some cases the lint trap may be faulty and not collect the lint properly. You can determine a faulty lint trap when you notice you never or hardly ever need to clean it. A lint trap will gather some lint. If the lint trap is mostly clean, it is not collecting the lint. You may want to replace your dryer lint trap.

Obstructed Lint Trap or Dryer Vent

When you leave a coin in your pocket or other items they can get caught up in the dryer’s exhaust system. A small item like a penny can prevent the lint from traveling to the lint trap properly and then get pushed straight into the dryer vent. To prevent the lint trap from being obstructed, remember to check pockets and remove any item that is not clothing or linen. If you think your dryer lint trap is obstructed, you may need an appliance repair service to inspect your dryer.

Dryer Vent Flap is Not Opening

The dryer vent leads through the home and opens up outside. To prevent debris from outside entering through the dryer vent, there is a flap. At times the flap will fail to open up or get stuck. When the flap stays closed, the lint that made its way through the dryer ventilation system will run into the closed flap and will quickly build up. You will need to inspect your dryer vent flap every few weeks to make sure it is not stuck closed. If it is stuck closed this could be why your dryer vent is getting clogged very quickly.

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It is important to keep your dryer’s ventilation clean. When you do your part and have it cleaned you will want to prevent premature clogs from occurring. Take the needed steps to keep your dryer vent free from lint to ensure safety and an efficient dryer. For dryer vent and air duct cleaning services, contact Express Air Duct Cleaning today.

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