How Do You Inspect Air Duct Vents & Ductwork for Dust & Debris in Westchase, FL?

As time passes and the air ducts are neglected, they will eventually become home to more than just dust. Air ducts can develop a number of different contaminants which can range from pests to mold, pollen, and organic debris. When contaminants gets inside your air ducts they will infect your indoor air. Everyone inside the home will begin breathing in all of those pollutants. If you suspect your air ducts are dirty with contaminants but want to be sure before you contact an air duct cleaning service, Express Air Duct Cleaning will share how to do an inspection of your air duct system.

What is Inside Your Air Ducts? 

Before you inspect your air ducts, it helps to determine what contaminants you are expecting to find so as to better know what to look for. Do you expect that you have mold in your air ducts, or has your home had a recent pest issue such as rodents? Do you simply have allergies inside your home and want to see if your air ducts are dirty? If there is a particular problem you want to look for, that is something you will want to keep in mind when you do the inspections.

Inspecting Air Duct Vent & Duct Cover Points

Another consideration when doing an inspection is that you as the homeowner will not be able to see inside the entire air duct system. In order to see the entire air duct system, you will need to take the system apart which isn’t really a suggestion. Therefore, your air duct inspection will be limited to the air duct vent and duct cover points. Even with the limit, you should still be able to see plenty. Here are the steps of inspecting your air ducts.

How To Check Ductwork

Your first step is to unscrew the air duct vent or cover and take it off. Look at the inside of the vent or air duct cover and see if there is anything on the surface. Dust is common but see if there is any chew marks or black dust. If the cover and air duct vents are clean, grab a flashlight and take a look inside the air duct. If you expect mold, look for a white, black, gray or green colored dust, which is mold. Also see if there are any leaks or a source of moisture that helped spawn the mold. If you think you have had rodents in your air ducts, look for feces, scratch marks, or other traces of vermin. While you have your air duct vent open, see if there are any holes or leaks in the air duct system. You may be able to see an air duct leak when you are looking inside with your flashlight. If you see that your air ducts do have mold, pest remnants, or are filled with dust, you may have made your mind up and contacted an air duct cleaning service.

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For cleaner air and a healthier HVAC system you will want to have the air ducts cleaned when they become dirty. If you can see it for yourself, it is time to have your air duct system cleaned. For quality air duct and dryer vent cleaning services, contact Express Air Duct Cleaning today.

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