How to Avoid Blow & Go & Other Air Duct Cleaning Scams in Temple Terrace, FL

There is a huge buzz about indoor air quality and air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning has a lot of perks, it can improve indoor air quality, boost your HVAC system efficiency and more. Since there is a lot of talk about having your air ducts cleaned, some scammers are taking advantage of this service. It is unfortunate that this industry has become a tool for scammers. To ensure you get true and ethical air duct and dryer vent cleaning, Express Air Duct Cleaning would like to help you detect a scammer from the real thing to ensure you get real and quality air duct and dryer vent cleaning services.

Blow & Go Air Duct Cleaning Scam           

One of the more common types of air duct cleaning scam are the “blow and go” companies. These companies will offer prices that are too good to be true and then will only clean the dirt at the front of the air ducts or the part that can be seen by the homeowner. Then they will leave not completing the cleaning. These scammers use very basic and cheap tools to fool you. They are in and out of your home within minutes and will try to hit as many homes as possible in a day. This is how these scammers have been operating. Not only are these scammers not deep cleaning the air ducts, but they are also causing more harm by agitating the dust and pollutants in the air ducts which is now inside your home. You and your family are breathing in more dust and pollutants than ever before. Often a scammer will send flyers in the mail or come to your home, offering their services. However, real air duct cleaning companies will come as well. This makes it harder to determine if they are a fully licensed company.

One Cost to have Ductwork Cleaned

First, if an air duct cleaning service offers you a single price, this is already a scam. There is no one price fits all homes. Air duct cleaning pricing is based on the number of units and air vents in the home. To know what your home will cost, a walkthrough of the home will need to be done and each air vent is counted up as well as the size of HVAC unit(s). If mold or other bigger problems are in your air duct system, it will require a specialty cleaning. This also determines the cost of the air duct cleaning. So, if an air duct company offers you a price before ever seeing your air duct system, they are scammers. Often scammers will try to get you out of the home. You do not need to be inside the home if you do not want to, but you never need to leave your home during air duct cleaning. To hide the fact they are not using proper air duct cleaning equipment, they will attempt to get you to leave the home while they are cleaning.

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When hiring an air duct cleaning service you will want to make sure they are licensed. You can request to see a their licensing and certification. If you want an honest and certified air duct and dryer vent cleaning service, contact Express Air Duct Cleaning today.  

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