How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning Near Me in Egypt Lk-Leto, FL

When your air ducts demand to be cleaned and you finally schedule an air duct cleaning service to come to your home, you may wonder what you can do to prepare. There is a lot you can do to prepare and aid in the cleaning of your air ducts.  Express Air Duct Cleaning will share what steps you can take to prepare for your air ducts to be cleaned.

Make Space Around All Registers and Fans

One of the first steps a homeowner will need to do is to make space around all of the air vents, registers and exhaust fans in your home or business. Often this can take a lot of work, especially if there is a lot of furniture that will need to be moved. However, when cleaning air ducts, each vent or register as well as the exhaust fans will be cleaned. The machine, which will have a long hose with a brush like head attachment, is fed through each vent, register, and exhaust fan. So you will need to provide some space for the air duct cleaning machine and crew to work. If you also schedule to have your dryer vent cleaned at the same time as your air ducts, make sure to remove all laundry and prepare space for the dryer vent to be cleaned as well.

Do I Have to Move or Cover Furniture for Air Duct Cleaning

Essentially an air duct cleaning machine is a vacuum cleaner that will suck out the dust inside the air ducts. However you may want to prepare for some dust to enter inside the home. Because of the vacuum hose and its rotating bristle head, some dust will fall. To help make cleaning up easier, you can cover furniture and decorations if you want. Covering your furniture is not essential but it will simplify cleaning up dirt and other particles that may come off of the air ducts during cleaning.

do a Walk Through with Air Duct Cleaners

To help your air duct cleaning service do a thorough job, you will want to do a walkthrough of your home. You will want to show the crew where all of the exhaust fans, registers, and air vents are in the home. When doing a full walkthrough, make sure that they can provide a quote to avoid any confusion on your final bill. Make sure to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have. Make sure to ask them during your walkthrough.

What to Do While Your Air Ducts Are Cleaned?

Before the air duct cleaning service arrives you will need to decide what you plan to do. If you have pets or young children you will need to decide how to keep them away from the air duct cleaning crew. It’s not that they mind having your pets or children around, it is mostly the matter of safety. They will be bringing ladders and other equipment inside. So to ensure the safety of your family, it is best to keep pets and children away. You may want to visit a friend, neighbor, or spend some time playing outside. Depending on the size of the home or building, air duct cleaning can take two to four hours.

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Being properly prepared can make having your air ducts cleaned a much smoother experience. For quality air duct and dryer vent cleaning services, contact Express Air duct Cleaning today.

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