What is a UVGI Air Purifier in Brandon, FL? Does it Kill Viruses & Germs?

In both commercial buildings and homes, everyone is looking for ways to fight germs, bacteria and viruses. Many people are working harder than ever to clean and sanitize all surfaces of their home or building. However, how do you clean the particles in the air? A number of germs, bacteria and viruses will be airborne and breathed in. Not only will you need to clean the surfaces inside the building, but you must also clean the air as well. To clean the air there are a number of ultraviolet, germicidal irradiation systems or UVGI’s that help to clean the air. Express Air Duct Cleaning would like to share how UVGI systems work to bring cleaner air to your home or a commercial building. 

Will an Ultraviolet Light Kill Viruses, Germs & Bacteria?

UVGI’s use ultraviolet light to help kill germs, bacteria, and even viruses that are in the air. Ultraviolet light is a natural type of electromagnetic radiation that is in sunlight. UV light is an electromagnetic energy that comes in different wave lengths. Wave lengths range from short or near, middle, and far which is measured by 10nm to 400nm wave length bands. UVGI systems produce about a 290nm which kills germs, bacteria, and viruses. Ultraviolet light is a great way to help kill the germs that are in the air. Ultraviolet light kills the germs, bacteria or virus’s cells by damaging their DNA directly.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Devices

When utilizing a UVGI system, it is using ultraviolet light to help kill the microorganisms that are in the air. However, Ultraviolet light doesn’t just clean the air, but it is also used to help clean water. UVGI systems are so effective that the CDC has recommended the U.S. Army and Federal Emergency Management Agencies use a UVGI system in all of their buildings. When considering installing a UVGI system, it is important to understand their effectiveness. The effectiveness is determined by the length of time the microorganisms are exposed to the UV light, combined with the intensity of the wavelength and UV radiation.

UV Light Sterilization, Disinfection & Decontamination

There are different levels of effectiveness that apply to a UVGI system. There are:

  • Sterilization which is a process that destroys or eliminates forms of microorganism that uses a physical or chemical method.
  • Disinfection which is a process that eliminates many forms of pathogenic microorganisms on inanimate objects or the air.
  • Decontamination is a process that safely removes, neutralizes, or destroys harmful substances. Decontamination is the result of combining sterilization and disinfection of an area.

UVGI systems can range from killing microorganisms in the air, to those on instruments and surfaces. When you want to improve the air quality, the designated effectiveness for an air purification system uses a disinfection level.

UVGI HVAC System Installation

Many HVAC UVGI systems are devices that can work differently. Some are installed inside the HVAC system and purify the air as it is cycled through. Other systems are installed inside the room or areas of the building, typically high on the wall. As the air and microorganisms rise up, they are neutralized by the UVGI system. To determine which is best suited for your environment, consider contacting a professional.

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