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Mark Johan Google Verified Review

We called Express Air Duct Cleaning after having new flooring installed. They came out quickly and our tech did a wonderful job letting us know what actually needed to be done. He was efficient and careful with our home and we would recommend them to everyone.

Sammy Gold Google Verified Review

Express duct cleaning did a great job cleaning/sanitizing our air ducts and dryer vent. Scheduling was easy and they were available for the job right away. They were on-time, even early! Would definitely use them again and would recommend their services.

Mark Henson Google Verified Review

The Express duct cleaning team could not have been any more polite, clean, and efficient. Handled everything from top-to-bottom including dryer vent cleaning. They had all necessary materials necessary right on the truck, worked quickly, and left the place in perfect condition. Would definitely use again.

Rhys Holland Google Verified Review

The whole experience was professional. On time, great prices and made sure that everything was done correctly. I wish all services were this personable, professional and thorough. I will be recommending Express duct cleaning to everyone i know.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Up To 10 Ft

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  • Inspection Included
  • Dry Clothes faster
  • Prevent Fire Hazards
  • Save Your Dryer

Air Duct Cleaning Per Unit

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$ 99
  • Inspection Included
  • Unlimited Vents Per Unit
  • Reduce Chance for Allergies

Deep Duct Cleaning

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  • Per Vent / Duct
  • Individual Duct / Vent Cleaning
  • Reduce Chance for Allergies
  • Free Dryer Vent Inspection

Our Services

Air Duct Cleaning

Whether it is cooling your home in the summer or heating your home in the winter, your HVAC system is constantly circulating air throughout your house. Regular air duct cleaning by Express Air Duct Cleaning can significantly reduce the number of airborne toxins in your home, effectively lowering the risk of sickness spreading amongst your family members

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Express Air Cleaning can clean out your dryer vents to keep your dryer running optimally. This saves you money with shorter drying times and by preventing dryer parts from burning out or having to be replaced prematurely. Most importantly, dryer vent cleaning greatly reduces the risk of a dryer fire which gives you peace of mind that your home is a safer place to live. Call us to book your next dryer vent cleaning service today!


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How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Air duct cleaning is recommended every 3 to 5 years and should be done by professionals to get the maximum freshness and get rid of 99.9% allergens and irritants.

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

1. If you didn’t changed your filter in more than 4 months
2. If the vent covers have visible dust on them or around
3. Low airflow in some of the rooms.

What are the Benefits of Residential Air Duct Cleaning?

Hiring a professional air duct cleaner has several benefits. Not only will an air duct cleaner help to make your home safer, but it can save you money too. Throughout the home there are several dangerous contaminants living within your ducts. Allergens are prevalent in air ducts which can make illnesses and allergies worse. Young children and people suffering from compromised immune systems are often more susceptible to allergens, and will see the biggest benefit from an air duct cleaner. Further, bacteria can reside within dirty air ducts which can cause diseases to continually spread throughout the home. A professional air duct cleaner is a great way to create a safer environment for your loved ones. At Express Air Duct Cleaning, we have a range of services suitable for residential air duct cleaning. We are happy to clean the air ducts throughout your home, but also clean your dryer duct too. Clean air ducts in the home can lead to a healthier and cleaner environment. Clean dryer ducts are a great way to save money as well as increase the overall safety of your home. Dryer vents often become clogged with fabric fibers, hair, and dust. Over time, these contaminants can collect and clog the dryer ducts. This can lead to a dangerous situation. Not only will it cause your dryer to overheat, causing it to work harder than it should, but it can even cause a fire. Clogged dryer ducts can also cause your energy bills to spike, because the appliances are exerting more effort to simply dry clothing. Call Express Air Duct Cleaning today to help reduce utility costs, and keep your home safe.

What are the Benefits of Commerical Air Duct Cleaning?

Sadly, the majority of people spend most of their day in their office building working. For most people, that is nearly 9 hours a day sitting in a shared environment with coworkers, clients, or patients. Being in a shared office space not only means you are sharing the area, but also sharing the air that circulates throughout the building. Just like with your home, commercial air duct cleaning is an excellent way to remove dust, allergens, or bacteria that might be hiding within the air vents of your office building or commercial space. When you have a commercial space with several people moving and interacting with the space on a daily basis, it is vital to have clean air ducts for the health and wellbeing of everyone using the commercial space. The team at Express Air Duct Cleaning is happy to help with commercial air duct cleaning. No space is too large, and we will proudly and effectively reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens living within your air ducts.​For the best air duct cleaner, people regularly turn to Express Air Duct Cleaning for professional and detailed air duct cleaning. We have been in the business for years, and understand what it takes to clean air ducts thoroughly. Further, our team is passionate about customer satisfaction. In our line of work, it is not only about the physical final product, it is about improving the lives and health of people living and interacting with buildings on a daily basis. As the best air duct cleaner, we know we have the ability to help people live a healthier life. This can be pivotal for people suffering from allergies, diseases, or weakened immune systems. This is a duty we do not take lightly, and we are proud and honored to be able to help people throughout the area.

Are you still working during COVID 19?

Yes! Our services has been modified and currently following all of the new health requirements following the COVID pandemic. We do all in our power to make sure that our employees and customers are safe and in no danger.

Do I Need Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Many industries utilize commercial dryers, and therefore will need a commercial dryer vent cleaning from time to time. Washing and drying linens are a part of every day operations for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. When you are washing and drying linens on a large scale commercial basis, the dryer vents can become clogged more quickly than with residential applications. When dryer vents clog, it can spell disaster for a company. By performing regular commercial dryer vent cleaning, your company can rest easy knowing their vents are in good working order. Fewer clogs means fewer delays when washing and drying linens. For a hotel or hospital to be without linens, it would completely shut down operations. Not only would the business have to pay the expense to repair the dryer and vent, but they would lose valuable time and money in the process from lost operations. Dryer vent cleaning can also help save money on utility costs. If dryer vents are clogged, it can restrict the amount of air flow circulating to the machine. Reduced airflow can make the machine have to work harder than necessary. This can cause the machine to draw more power than necessary, spiking utility costs. Further, this can force the dryer components to work harder than normal, shortening the life of the appliance. Dryer vent cleaning is always a way to protect your commercial business. If the vent should become clogged with fibers, dust, and hair, it can potentially spark a dangerous fire which can risk the safety and lives of those inhabiting the building.

Why Call Express Air Duct Cleaning For Your Dryer Vent Cleaning?

It is important for any homeowner to perform regular residential dryer vent cleaning. While most people probably clean out the lint screen on the dryer itself, few people ever address the actual vent used for the dryer. This is a very key part of dryer operations, and regular residential dryer vent cleaning will help ensure your appliances have a long lifespan. The dryer vent is responsible for bringing air into the dryer so that the machine can properly run. If there is not enough air making it to the dryer, as a result of a clog in the vent, it can cause the dryer to work harder than is necessary. This can burn up components within the dryer, causing the unit to overheat. Not only can this damage the dryer, but it can even potentially cause a fire in your home. For the best dryer vent cleaner, homeowners regularly turn to Express Air Duct Cleaning. We offer a range of services geared toward making your home safe and healthy. Between our air duct cleaning services and our dryer vent services, we are able to reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens in your home, reduce potential energy costs, as well as keep your home safe from fires caused by a dryer that has overheated. As the best dryer vent cleaner in the area, Express Air Duct Cleaning is passionate about customer satisfaction and a job well done. We aim to exceed expectations and will stop at nothing to create a safe and healthy environment for your family and loved ones.

What Happens If I Don't Clean My Dryer Vent?

Of all the items to maintain around the home, often appliances and air ducts get overlooked in the home. As people are worried about flooring, roofing, and windows, it is no wonder! However, maintaining the dryer is a very important part of routine household maintenance. Hire a dryer vent cleaner to make sure this routine maintenance does not go by the wayside. Our team at Express Air Duct Cleaning is happy to come to your house and service your dryer vent. A dryer vent cleaner is not only able to help your appliance function better, but can keep your home safe, and utility costs down. A backed up dryer vent can not only cause your appliance to overheat, potentially damaging the unit, but it can even cause a dangerous house fire to occur. Just like dryer vents, regular air duct cleaning is required and should be part of normal home maintenance. Air ducts see a range of bacteria, allergens, and debris float through them. Because air ducts connect to all rooms in the house, this means that the allergens and bacteria are free to float from one room to the next. Air duct cleaning can help reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens floating throughout your home. Further, hair, pollen, and dust mites can collect and accumulate through your air vents. If you have a member of your household that suffers from allergies or a compromised immune system, air duct cleaning is a great way to improve their overall health. Not only will they enjoy fewer allergy triggers throughout the home, but they can begin to heal and recover from circulating bacteria that may be lurking in your air vents. The team at Express Air Duct Cleaning is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are happy to help with your air ducts today.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Depends on how often the dryer is used . Dryer exhaust vent cleaning is recommended to be inspected and cleand at least once a year

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